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ETECH offers time-tested, well-proven skills and expertise in the design, fabrication and installation of a vast range of fabricated stainless steel products. From tanks and pipework to cleaning and agitation systems, our quality products are part of the success stories of some of New Zealand’s –and the world’s– most well-known companies.

The ETECH workshop is outfitted to handle projects of the largest scale and our expert team of engineers can turn out anything from custom built orders to complete turnkey solutions, We offer specialist expertise in:



A trusted supplier to New Zealand’s dairy industry. ETECH manufactures vats and other vessels for this bedrock sector, including added features such as chilling or heating jackets. Our consultative onsite services encompass initial site inspection and costing, through to manufacture and installation, whatever your product requirements.

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Architectural, Specialist Construction

Custom metalwork structures from fittings – such as screen, handrails— to utilities and water features and 3-Dimensional sculptures. Our precision engineering team works especially closely with visual artists to realise their artworks, simple to complex, small to large.

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Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food

Specialist manufacturing of vessels and other equipment to the high standard required in these industries. All products are completed with high-grade polishing to achieve a microbial-inhibiting mirror finish. We thoroughly check these finishes in-house using stringent testing and inspection procedures, and for added quality assurance, through third party Non Destructive Testing.

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