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World-class laser technology is the backbone to ETECH’s unrivalled offering of precision laser-cutting services. Leading edge laser cutting equipment from Trumpf Germany ensures fast and accurate manufacturing of cut components across a range of metal types and thicknesses.

As a continued investment in laser-cutting technology, we were pleased to announce the purchase of a world-renowned German Trumpf 7000 Trulaser Tube laser-cutter. At 24 Metres long and 8 metres wide, the purchase of the $2.5M Trumpf Tube laser-cutter is a first of its kind in New Zealand. With an extensive range of precise cutting capabilities, including the ability of cutting hollow sections up to 254mm in diameter, the machine provides an even greater scope of laser-cutting options for our customers.

Laser-cutting machine image
Laser-cutting machine image
Laser-cutting work image
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Maximum efficiency, minimum waste

ETECH can provide the greatest scope of flat bed and tube cutting services available in Australasia. We assist your design team in producing cutting edge, world-class products.


Laser Cutting Chart

Mild steel 16mm 12mm, 15mm OD min. 254 OD max.
Stainless steel 22mm 8mm, 15mm OD min. 254 OD max.
Aluminium 12mm 6mm, 15mm OD min. 254 OD max.
Brass 3mm

Maximum sheet size: 1.5 x 3 metres

Steel image 1
Steel image 2
Steel image 3
Steel image 4
Steel image 5
Steel image 6


Complementing our laser cutting service, precision CNC folding equipment is used to form various types of metal – from sheet metal components in electronics, cabinets for the electrical sector, panels for lifts cars, vehicle body panels, to large plate structures in the agricultural sector.

Our latest-technology press brakes can process sheet lengths up to four metres. They are engineered to exert powerful pressure of up to 2,000kN, and are ideal for components with a small radii and short flanges.

Backed up by offline software, our latest CNC Press Brake machinery ensures fast completion, reducing both handling and cost.

Press braking work
Press braking work
Press braking work