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What started out as a bit of fun tinkering in the weekends for our Engineering Manager, has now turned into a successful project for some of the team. The fully operational, slick jet boat that was built at ETECH is a great example of the diverse range of projects we are equipped to handle.

The overall concept was initially designed in SolidWorks to ensure all the different sheet metal and mechanical aspects would all come together successfully. The aluminium flat panels were then cut out and folded on our Trumpf CNC Press Brakes. This allowed the panels to be formed into the final design.

The trailer was custom designed in kit-set form and cut on our Tube Laser allowing the trailer to be fabricated in a very efficient manner. The boat is fitted with a supercharged 300hp motor that allows the boat to go from 0-100kph in around 4.5 seconds.

Now some of the team will be recreating the magic for a couple of our clients.

Have you got fun, innovative ideas or dreams you want brought to life? Get in touch with us today to see how we can utilise our expertise, skills, and world-leading machinery to make that happen.

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Images Caption: The ETECH NZ workshop is a great indication of the type of exciting work we are equipped to handle


This year marked the third time we have ventured to the Sort It Careers Expo, and what a year it was! We were run off our feet by enthusiastic attendees as Rob and Ian spoke to countless secondary school students and young adults who were excited by the career possibilities the engineering and manufacturing sector offered.

Supporting talented young people has always been a focus for ETECH and we continue to work with Competenz by employing and training apprentices. Check out Mike O’Callaghan talking about his experience with us in this short video.

ETECH NZ are proud to support the local Sort it Careers Expo, run each year by CEDA (Central Economic Development Agency) and we are looking forward to seeing you there in May 2018.

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Image Caption: The ETECH NZ stand proved popular at the 2017 Sort It Careers Expo


The last time you stunk out the office with your canned tuna, did you spare a thought as to how the fish got in there? Or how about the oil that was added to keep it fresh? Well you might be surprised to learn it takes quite a team to get that pint-sized package into your lunchbox and ETECH are proud to be part of that journey.

At the end of 2016, the ETECH team received what appeared to be a pretty straightforward job – creating a pair of 11,000L tanks. But what at first appeared simple, wasn’t at all.

Each 11,000L tank was created to hold fish oil that is used in the process of canning tuna. The catch was, this processing is done at sea, down in the deep swells of the Southern Ocean, on a large Fishing Trawler.

Our design and fabrication team were up for the challenge though and set to using 10mm thick 316 Stainless Steel to design and build a pair of tanks that would be structurally fit for a life in the roughest conditions on the Southern Ocean.

Due to the tight dimensional constraints on the ship, each tank had to be rectangular to fit inside the hold. This provided a range of design and fabrication challenges that were overcome with careful thought and planning.

Additionally, due to the hygienic food requirements of the product the tanks were holding, all internal surfaces had to be polished. This task alone took over 300 hours! Without the use of our Laser and CNC Pressbrake machinery, this task would have been very hard to achieve within the tight deadlines that the customer had set.

So next time you lift the lid on your tasty little snack, perhaps you’ll think of ETECH. Or, you know, not eat it in an enclosed communal work space – we’ll leave that one up to you!

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Image Caption: One of the 11,000L tanks during production